Week #1: Results

After a successful first week and a week break for Grand Prix Columbus & Prague, we’re back at it again on June 17 at 2 PM PST (5 PM EST, 11 PM CEST) with another mediocre lineup. This week sees the emergence of our last player, Romario, and his Eldrazi Stompy. This week is filled with unusual Legacy matchups, including a veteran explorer mirror be sure to catch us live on our Twitch channel or one of the Video’s on Demand available on YouTube after Friday’s live-stream.

Week 2 Pairings:
Julian Julian Knab (Elves)
vs (Tin Fins) Caleb Durward Caleb
Julian Romario Neto (Eldrazi)
vs (Tezzerator) Joe Lossett 
JMA Jean-Mary Accart (Doomsday)
vs (Reanimator) Tim Akpinar
Dayv Dayv Doberne (Nic Fit)
vs (Planeswalker Control) Danny Batterman Danny
Week #1 Standings:
# Player Record Deck
1st Brett Brett “BrettWJayne” Jayne 1-0 Sneak and Show
2nd JoeLossett Joe “oarsman79” Lossett 1-0 Tezzerator
3rd  Tim “ziggy_stardust” Akpinar 1-0 Reanimator
4th Dayv Dayv “Sunyveil” Doberne 1-0 Nic Fit
5th Romario Romario “romariovidal” Neto 0-0 Eldrazi
6th Julian Julian “itsJulian” Knab 0-1 Elves
7th Caleb Caleb “CalebDMTG” Durward 0-1 Tin Fins
8th JMA Jean-Mary “Lejay” Accart 0-1 2012 Doomsday
9th Danny Danny “DBatterskull” Batterman 0-1 Planeswalker Control

The first week’s videos on demand are available on YouTube.

Learn more about the Legacy Mediocre League’s in our Structure & Schedules section

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