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South Florida Magic started as a collective of players trying to make Legacy as large as possible in South Florida. They are now running a recurring championship season throughout the year, rewarding players who grind out any store in South Florida with byes and free invites to their Championship weekend: Saturday with Standard+Legacy, and Modern on Sunday.

Make sure to check our their awesome Twitch stream each Sunday!

We’re super thankful for the great guys at South Florida Magic helping us bring you only the most mediocre Legacy you’ll find anywhere on the web. They really do care a lot about our favorite format and have put a lot of effort and support into not only growing their local communities but have also risen to be one of the most popular local tournament streams on Twitch, with many more content (like articles, podcasts, videos etc) readily available on their website. Thanks guys, we really appreciate it! 🙂



If you also want to support the Legacy Mediocre League, please contact julian@itsJulian.com.