Structure & Schedule

The LEGACY MEDIOCRITY LEAGUE is a weekly round-robin Magic: the Gathering tournament bringing you 36 matches of Legacy over the course of a 9-week regular season. Players are ranked by their win/loss record with the best possible result being a clean 9-0 sweep against the field. After the regular season is over, the three players with the best record advance to the play-offs, with the top seed receiving an automatic berth into the finals. Both the semifinals and finals are best-of-five with each player fielding three different decks in a king of the hill format.

We are live each Friday with 4 matches starting at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 11pm CEST. Because there’s 9 players, one of them is sitting out each week. Note that because of the Legacy GPs in both Europe and the US, we are skipping July 10th. In case you missed the live show on Twitch, you can always check our YouTube archive where we’ll upload each week’s matches during the weekend.

Week #1, June, 3rd: Results Videos
Week #2, June, 17rd: Results Videos
Week #3, June, 24rd: Results Videos
Week #4, July, 1st: Results Videos
Week #5, July, 8th: Results Videos
Week #6, July, 15th: Results Videos
Week #7, July, 22nd: Results Videos
Week #8, July, 29th: Results Videos
Week #9, August, 5th: Results Videos
Playoffs, August 12th:
Results Videos

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