Tim “ziggy stardust” Akpinar

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Tim is a Brooklyn Legacy player, and in stereotypical Brooklyn hipster fashion, he’ll tell you that he played Miracles before it was cool. (He did actually take “Miracle Blade” to a day two in the first Legacy GP that featured the Miracle mechanic). Tim also has some additional “Hipster cred” as being a former writer for Hipsters of the Coast, where you may have heard him opine on how the Khans block Delve spells were the bee’s knees before anyone else was on board. And that Monastery Mentor was going to be one of the greatest eternal creatures of all time. (Obviously, you should disregard all his incorrect predictions.)

Tim still manages to maintain his mediocre status, though, because in spite of knowing what’s hip and cool in Legacy, ahead of its time, he has skillfully managed to dodge the top 8 of any major tournament, though he’s managed to cash or day two his fair share of events. That’s fine though. Top 8s are for sellouts.

Tim has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Reanimator.

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