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Since his 2013 Bazaar of Moxen Legacy main event win put him on the radar, Julian has risen to the challenge of becoming a Legacy master. Committing to this goal, he has traveled far and wide, from New York to Warsaw, competing for titles and trophies alike while making friends along the way.

Julian came a bit short of his goal, however, and began seeking the mediocrity of winning Legacy side events, taking 1st place at GP Paris, Barcelona, and Vienna in 2013. After his 4th place finish in the Legacy side event of GP Lille 2015, he believed himself able to put up results in main events instead; he now boasts 14 x-2’s, missing top 8 by a single point in Legacy tournaments across Europe (primarily on the BoM and MKM series).

Julian is known for offering guerilla coverage of European GPs, and as a former Magic streamer, keeping twitch (and Kenya) free from Ebola. In his spare time, he enjoys retro gaming, racing quadricopters, and watching his favorite football club, Real Madrid. (Julian’s note: WTF?!)


Julian has entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Elves.



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