Caleb Durward

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Caleb’s aspirations of mediocrity began back in 2010 with a UG Survival deck, where he made the dubious call to run Aquamoeba in Legacy. Even more egregiously: a blue deck without Brainstorm. Next he developed UR Painted Stone, a Force of Will deck with an unforgivably low blue count of 14. He continued on, indulging his fetish of jamming cards where they didn’t belong– Jace, the Mind Sculptor into Zoo, Scavenging Ooze into RUG Delver, Rest in Peace and Helm of Obedience into Miracles, and Karn Liberated into UB Tezzeret. As his win rate dropped, his card selection got even wilder (not the other way around), until he became the epitome of washed up mediocrity he always knew he could be.

Caleb had entered the Legacy Mediocre League with Tinfins.


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